Enabling customers to secure their online user accounts

Enabling customers to secure their online user accounts has always been a priority at Castle. Castle has made it even easier to protect your company from account takeover attacks (ATO) with a simple installation through our Cloudflare integration.

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The Castle for Cloudflare App allows you to optimize your security investments so you can quickly detect and automatically respond to attacks such as automated credential stuffing and human-powered account takeover. By leveraging Castle for Cloudflare, security teams can detect anomalies and attacks in realtime and automatically respond with threat alerts and workflows without disrupting user experience.

Realtime anomaly and attack detection

Detect anomalous behavior, bots, scripted logins, failed logins and more.

Device fingerprinting (web and mobile)

Build user profile on browser and app properties to build unique device fingerprints, as well as monitors UI interaction.

User and device analytics

Learn behavioral norms and devices for each user so anomalous behavior stands out.

User event tracking

See insights into every threat signal, risk score, and event tracked per device within a user’s account.

Webhooks for realtime threat alerts

Automate alerting and eliminate the need for manual involvement of analysts to kick off account recovery.

Webhooks for initiating account recovery

Alert users when malicious activity is detected, and encourage them to reset password or validate usage.

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