Castle Announces Jim Gochee as Chief Operating Officer

October 12, 2020 - San Francisco, CA, USA - Castle, the account protection platform, today announced that Jim Gochee will be joining as Chief Operating Officer. Partnering with Co-founder & CEO Johan Brissmyr, Jim will focus on expanding the company’s product offering and driving overall growth. "I am impressed with Castle’s technology and how some notable large digital companies are using it to protect themselves from customer identity hacking. Digital businesses of all sizes need a product like this in order to protect their customers and themselves. Castle’s mission is something that I’m looking forward to being a part of,” Jim said.

Prior to joining Castle, Jim was the Chief Product Officer at New Relic, a global observability leader. At New Relic, Jim helped grow the company from $0 to $500 million in revenue and led a global development team of more than 500 people. "I'm really proud of the work I did at New Relic, supporting some of the world's greatest brands during their digital transformations," Jim said of his time at New Relic. "I'm looking forward to helping Castle have a similar global impact."

"I’m thrilled to be able to partner with Jim to build a great company," said Johan Brissmyr, Co-founder & CEO of Castle. "Jim deeply appreciates the importance of consumers knowing that companies are doing everything they can to prevent their identities from being stolen. His experience leading a large organization will further fuel our ability to grow and be a global leader in the field of digital identity protection."

About Castle

Castle protects companies from user identity fraud, including account takeovers, fake account creation, and other anomalous behavior. Castle's self-learning risk models build patterns of norms for each application, user, and device, and require no manual tuning. Castle’s APIs are easy for development teams to integrate into user registration and login flows, and from the Castle dashboard companies can look at trends and analyze attacks that are in progress. Castle is headquartered in San Francisco, CA with offices in Malmo, Sweden, and Krakow, Poland. For more information, please visit

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