Castle Unveils Industry-First Adaptive Authentication at the Edge to Protect Customer Accounts

September 17, 2020 – San Francisco, CA – Castle, an account security company that helps businesses keep their users safe, today announced a new initiative for delivering risk-based adaptive authentication at the edge.

With the growing threat of account compromise and abuse, this industry-first initiative removes the complexity for organizations to deliver end-to-end user account security preventing account takeovers, credential stuffing, risky user transactions and other attacks on user accounts. Castle provides threat prevention and protection for users ensuring organizations keep customer friction low and security high. Robust insights and behavioral analytics allow organizations to respond to threats in real-time with risk-based authentication and initiate automated workflows for account recovery.

“Managing user risk in a modern customer-facing app requires a considerable amount of collaboration between your security, fraud, product and growth teams to find the ideal balance between security and user experience,” said Johan Brissmyr, CEO and co-founder at Castle. “Castle’s vision is to eliminate complexity so that organizations can get quick time to value in protecting users. We believe centralizing risk and adaptive authentication logic to the edge will become the new standard.”

As part of today’s announcement, Castle is releasing its integration with Cloudflare; a codeless Castle app built on top of Cloudflare’s Apps with Workers. In addition, delivering strong user security that is easy to install and manage will continue to be a priority for the company and Castle plans to bring the same functionality to other serverless environments. This approach will work with environments where Castle has write access to both the incoming and outgoing HTTP requests including CDNs, Web Servers, Web Application Firewalls (WAF) and Web Application Frameworks.

Learn more about Castle’s vision for Codeless Account Security in Johan Brissmyr’s blog: Living On The Edge: Less Servers. Less Code. More Security.

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About Castle

Castle helps businesses keep their customers’ online accounts safe from human-powered account takeovers, automated credential stuffing, risky user transactions and other attacks impersonating users. Castle’s user-centric approach to account security allows organizations to fully automate threat response and account recovery in real-time with risk-based authentication, granular access policies, and custom workflows for end-to-end account recovery. Unlike traditional solutions, Castle gives users the ability to actively participate in their own account security to keep safe. Castle has also removed complexity for security teams with an easy-to-use, fully automated and developer-friendly solution that enables strong security and keeps user satisfaction at the forefront. Castle is headquartered in San Francisco, CA with offices in Malmo, Sweden and Krakow, Poland.

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