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Customer Identity Protection

Protecting The Customer Journey

From registration to recovery, Castle's identity risk engine protects the entire customer journey from threats such as account takeovers or fake account creation. Castle provides a seamless and automated experience that is able to see all user and device activity, all while stopping malicious bots by applying the right security at the right time.
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User Behavior Analytics

Real-time actionable insights into all user and device activity within your application

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Risk-Based Authentication

Allow, deny, or step-up responses that are adaptively applied and appropriate to the level of risk

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Identity-Aware Bot Detection

High fidelity detection of malicious bots using identity analytics layered on top of traditional methods

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Security Automation

When threats are detected, document and orchestrate a fully automated recovery of the accounts.

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User-Trained Risk Engine

Reduce Risky Activity By Enabling Good Behavior

Castle’s machine learning models learn “good” behavior from your customers. Decide how and when to challenge - all feedback from users is automatically pushed back into Castle's identity risk engine for auto-tuning.
Customer Lifecycle Protection

Protecting Every Stage of The Digital Lifecycle

From registration to recovery, organizations need to secure and optimize the customer journey for better conversions. Analyzing risk before the user’s account is created, ensuring that all devices are healthy at login, and challenging risky activity increases both sales and customer trust.
User & device insights

Complete visibility into your users’ individual devices, behavior, and access patterns.

Pre & post login activity

Sprinkle Castle throughout your application. Secure critical events such as profile changes and transactions.

Per device risk scores

Stop bad actors in their tracks, while good users continue browsing on trusted devices.

Transparent signals

No black boxes or ambiguity. See every threat signal detected on a device.

Automated Response and Recovery

Security On Autopilot Reduces Total Cost of Ownership

Allow users to self-heal through automated account workflows that allow for reset and recovery. Offloading burden from support and operation teams, Castle meet the security demands of a growing threat landscape all while reducing costs.
Granular Risk Policies

Custom Policies Tailored to Your Business Objectives

Whether it’s building a policy around user traits, critical events, or device context, you can easily create granular risk policies with customized logic, risk scores, and responses. Your user experience is still optimized, but now it aligns with your business needs and risk tolerance.
Developer-Friendly Toolkits

Building Blocks For Customer Identity Protection

Device List APIs, Adaptive Authentication, and Security Event Webhooks. Deconstruct Castle into basic blocks to secure any UX your team dreams up. Security without sacrificing KPIs and conversion rates.
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Adaptive auth anywhere

Authenticate any event, pre & post login. Security for your entire application, not just the front door.

Device Management API

Build in-app widgets where users can review their devices and participate in their own security experience.

Build at your own pace

From monitor-mode to passive notifications to active blocking. Start slow, and layer on when you’re ready.

Your UX comes first

Modular APIs are designed to mold around your app’s unique UX, not the other way around.

Cloudflare Integration

Protecting your company is now simpler with Cloudflare.

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Sites and applications that utilize Castle are in a better position to protect, defend, and look out for their users. We’ve made it easy for security teams and developers to give Castle a try. Castle’s free trial and entry level plans allow any online business to offer consumer-grade account security that monitors user activity and understands whether to take action.
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