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User-trained AI

Trust your good users to weed out the bad

Castle’s models learn “good” behavior from your customers. Distributed supervision pushes the training and labeling to your end-users. From credential stuffing botnets to manual takeovers, turn on AI that scales naturally to protect your growing environment.
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Designed for Account Takeover

Models designed specifically for ATO. Detect automated and manual access on user accounts.

Stop credential stuffing

Real-time discovery of unique attack signatures protects you from sophisticated automated attacks.

User behavioral modeling

Learning behavioral norms for each user makes anomalous activity from both bots and humans stand out.

Auto-tuning as you grow

Offload the training and labeling to your end-users, and build mutual trust in the process.

Account Recovery Automation

Account security on autopilot

From the moment an account takeover is detected, Castle goes into autopilot, seeing the customer through to full account recovery. No lockouts, complaints, or drops in your core business metrics.
Enforce your process. Automatically.

Account takeovers can be chaotic. Formalize a process that works for your app and your users.

Zero lockouts

Zero Lockout Workflows ensure good users are never locked out, even if you are overly cautious.

Minimize the friction

Security in the background. Automate intrusion alerts and step-up auth, but only when they’re needed.

Offload support teams

Account takeovers without the stress. No more manual overhead or support tickets - just closed cases.

Device-Level User Analytics

Real-time insights into your users and devices

Investigate without the blinders on. APIs, Dashboards, and UIs provide transparent insights into every threat signal, risk score, and event tracked per device within a user’s account.
User & device search

Complete visibility into your users’ individual devices and access patterns.

Pre & post login activity

Sprinkle Castle throughout your app. Secure critical events, from profile changes to transactions.

Per device risk scores

Stop bad actors in their tracks, while good users continue browsing on trusted devices.

Transparent signals

No black boxes or ambiguity. See every threat signal detected on a device.

Account Security API

Building blocks for account security

Device List APIs, Adaptive Auth, Security Event Webhooks. Deconstruct Castle into basic blocks to secure any UX your team dreams up. Security without sacrificing KPIs and conversion rates.
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Adaptive auth anywhere

Authenticate any event, pre & post login. Security for your entire application, not just the front door.

Device Management API

Build in-app widgets where users can review their devices and participate in their own security experience.

Build at your own pace

From monitor-mode to passive notifications to active blocking. Start slow, and layer on when you’re ready.

Your UX comes first

Modular APIs are designed to mold around your app’s unique UX, not the other way around.

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