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Identity-Aware Bot Detection

Block Bad Bots Without All The False Positives

Castle offers a high fidelity approach to protecting organizations against the most advanced bot attacks by layering on the context of a user’s identity to traditional bot detection risk signals.
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Redefining Bot Detection

See a new approach to protecting your organization from malicious bot activity such as Fake Account Creation, Account Takeovers, and other identity-based bot attacks that offers higher fidelity and a better user experience.

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Stopping Bot Attacks

By analyzing Identity behavioral analytics in addition to these traditional risk patterns, Castle can stop automated attacks such as fake account creations, credit card stuffing, and account takeovers by tying a user to their device and application activity.

Fake Account Creation
Account Takeovers
Content Spam
In-App Scraping
Denial of Inventory
API Abuse
Skewed Analytics

Why Identity Matters

Security teams face increasing pressure to not only reduce high-friction fraud screening but also add seamless and strong remediation methods when an attack is discovered. Traditional vendors simply cannot keep up with the sophistication of modern bot attacks. See why identity matters for high fidelity bot detection.

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High Fidelity Bot Detection

Castle’s free trial allows any online business to detect and stop sophisticated bot attacks such as fake account creations, account takeovers, and carding.
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