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Risk-Based Authentication

The Right Security At The Right Time

Implement seamless security appropriate to the level of risk with challenge workflows for web and mobile events such as money transfers, profile changes, or password resets.
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User Session

Protect all event interactions with your digital business: from registration to login to password recovery.

User Location

Protect from difficult travel, blacklisted IP addresses, and unusual time zones and languages

User Device

Protect from outdated systems and versions, new device, known compromised devices, and headless browsers

User Anomalies

Protect from abnormal user events, high-risk transactions, unusual user event sequence, and non-human user activity

Authentication Methods

Supported Types of Authentication

Castle supports the following step-up challenges that allows your organization the flexibility to implement the authentication methods that fit your unique requirements.

Voice Call
Email Verification
Pin Code
Push Notification
Risk Tolerance

Adaptive Remediation Means Less Friction

With Castle, you can easily automate intrusion alerts, step-up authentication, and account recovery workflows, but only appropriate to the specific level of risk. You can deny the riskiest logins and in-app transactions (such as profile changes or abnormal transactions) outright while still ensuring legitimate users can use your application without any friction.

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Risk Policies

Build A Custom User Journey

Leverage Castle’s granular risk policies with customized logic, risk scores, and responses to implement custom segmented user journeys based on risk tolerance. Build custom policies that meet your unique business requirements - protecting users, their devices, and their activity with your application.

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Stopping Account Takeover Attacks

Learn more about the anatomy of an Account Takeover attack that compromise user credentials and what you can do to defend yourself.

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Getting Started

Continuous Risk-Based Authentication

Castle’s free trial allows any online business to step up authentication when there is risky activity detected at every step of the customer journey.
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