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Security Automation

Security On AutoPilot

From the moment an attack is detected, Castle goes into autopilot, seeing the customer through to full account recovery. No lockouts, complaints, or drops in your core business metrics.
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Enforce Your Process. Automatically.

Incident management can be chaotic. Formalize a process that works for your app and your users and turn it on with little manual input.

Eliminate Lockouts

Castle's Zero Lockout Workflows ensure good users are never locked out, even if you are overly cautious.

Minimize The Friction

Continuous security running in the background. Automate intrusion alerts and step-up authentication, but only when they’re needed.

Offload Support Teams

Resolve operational and help desk issues without the stress. No more manual overhead or support tickets - just closed cases.


Automated Account Recovery

When a malicious device accessing a user account is detected, you can quickly lock down the account and automate recovery all without involving your support team.

Fewer Helpdesk/Service Tickets
Less Manual Security Investigation Time
Reduction of Administrative Costs
Smaller Attack Surface and Time
Minimize Financial Loss and Fraudulent Activity
Stronger Customer Engagement and Trust

Fits In With Your Security Stack

Dynamic APIs and webhooks make it easy to integrate with the development process and easily scales with any organization. Developers continue using the same tools they like, with security built-in to the fabric of the application.

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Customer Case Study

How RueLaLa Used Automated Workflows

How Castle and Rue La La partnered to prevent potential account takeovers, save engineering time, and create blissful user shopping experiences.

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Easy Workflow Orchestration

Castle’s free trial allows any online business to offer custom workflows that orchestrate steps such as locking the account, coordinating the password reset, and unblocking accounts without the need for a support team.
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