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User Behavior Analytics

Real-Time Insights Into Your
Users and Devices

Investigate without blinders on. Both before and after login, Castle provides continuous insights into user behavior, threat signals, risk scores, and device health throughout the entire user session.
User & Device Visibility

Complete visibility into your user’s accounts, device health, and application activity.

Continuous Controls

Make Castle continuous throughout your application by extending security across the entire session: protecting events like profile changes and transactions.

Anomalous Behavior Detection

Step up the security when a risky activity is detected by first understanding how good users behave.

Granular Risk Signals

No black boxes or ambiguity. See the threat signals that are pertinent to your needs, whether on mobile or web.

Analytics Into Attacks

Castle’s powerful identity risk engine will make it easy for you to spot even the most sophisticated ATO attacks. See 4 common ways attackers launch their attacks:
Attack Method #1

Traffic Patterns

Watch as attackers spread out their activity, using a large number of IPs to disguise who they are and what they are doing.

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Attack Method #2


Appearing to be local by manipulating geolocation is one of the best ways an attacker can thwart security measures.

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Attack Method #3

Reputation Score

See how attackers leverage the use of fake accounts in an account takeover attack to boost their reputation.

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Attack Method #4

Application UX

With just a little reconnaissance, attackers know they can use your UX against you to gain access.

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Reducing User Risk and Stopping ATOs

See how you can get insight into risky users and devices to stop ATO attacks with Castle's identity analytics. Castle's approach reduces the amount security incidents while keeping user friction to a minimum so conversions are not impacted.

Getting Started

Instant Insights & Analytics

Castle’s free trial allows any online business to offer continuous account security that monitors all user activity and understands when and where to take action.
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