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Account Takeover Demo 4 - Appear Legitimate - User Registration and Password Resets

Heather Howland
VP of Marketing

One tactic used by hackers to improve the success of account takeover attacks is to exploit UX features on sites. This includes using password reset and registration forms which can be used to try to validate user credentials without raising any suspicion.

Here, you see a single attacker using a site’s password reset functionality to validate the legitimate site users. The tactic was used in waves. Ultimately, they identified more than 93,000 users, with close to 4 million password reset attempts, which originated from more than 5000 IPs, from almost 2000 Internet Service Providers, in 120 countries.

If Castle had not been protecting the site, the attackers could have used the information they learned to narrow in on which users to target in an account takeover attack, saving them a ton of time and effort. For more information on how to prevent attackers from using UX features to their advantage, please visit castle.io.