ATO Fraud is Evolving Into a Security Problem. Are You Ready?

ATO Fraud is Evolving Into a Security Problem. Are You Ready?

Credential Stuffing Attacks and Account Takeover Fraud (ATO) exploded in 2019. Some consider it a security matter while others lump it in with fraud. What's the difference and why does it matter? In this webinar, we'll be sharing easy tips to get both your fraud and user security challenges under wraps by unblurring the line between the two. We'll also dispel the mysteries behind recent evolutions in attack patterns, explain what's driving them, and showcase new tools and techniques used by top brands that can protect your application, users, and business.


Brian Feldman - Director of Growth

New findings in attack patterns and evolving techniques

The difference between user security and fraud

Key differentiators and advantages between bot, fraud, and security vendors

Quick wins to better protect your app, users, and business metrics

How to handle the "grey area", and erase the impact of false-positives on support teams

How to design secure flows that Security and Product teams can agree on, and users love

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