ATO Prevention: Striking a Balance Between Trust and Risk

Good customer engagement means a seamless user experience. However, attackers are relying on this seamless approach to exploit security weaknesses in your digital business. From new account opening to financial agreement automation to password resets, organizations need to protect the entirety of the customer journey without introducing friction.

Every customer's journey with your online presence will be dynamic and unique, requiring an adaptive and intelligent approach to protecting against risks like account takeovers and new account fraud. How can you minimize customer friction all while improving the security of your digital business? How do you strike the perfect balance between trust and risk?

The webinar was presented in conjunction with the Merchant Risk Council.


Monnia Deng - Director of Product Marketing
Chris Concannon - Solutions Engineer

Why current WAFs, fraud or bot detection, and authentication solutions cannot fully protect against account takeovers and new account fraud

How to leverage behavioral analytics and a robust risk engine to protect every step of the customer journey

What you can do to strike a balance between trust assurance and level of risk assumed for your digital business.

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