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Castle monitors every step of the customer journey to help visualize and proactively block fraud that would otherwise fly under the radar.

  • No credit card required
  • Analyzing over 50M users per month
  • GDPR & CCPA ready
Data-driven risk organizations rely on Castle
  • No credit card required
  • Analyzing over 50M users per month
  • GDPR & CCPA ready

Know the fraudster's next move

Today’s fraud landscape evolves too rapidly to know in advance what you’ll need to track and measure. Castle lets you proactively track and make sense of every single user touchpoint and be ready when fraudsters change strategy.

Integrate in 5 minutes

Use the easy-to-install JavaScript, iOS, and Android SDKs to collect user interactions in your web and mobile apps.

Discover hidden patterns

Quickly write and iterate complex queries to hone in on the most nuanced fraud patterns that slipped through identity verification.

Avoid the context switching

Castle combines fraud detection, product analytics, and log management into one tool, allowing analysts to work faster without the tab toggling.


Enrich every user interaction

Castle analyzes every single user activity down to individual button clicks, and enriches it with device intelligence and behavioral risk scores. Data can be accessed directly in the UI or via the API for integration into your own risk logic.

The analytics dashboard allows you to filter your data set on specific behaviors and anomalies, uncover linked users, or track down accounts shared by multiple individuals.

Risk Scoring

Adaptive risk score that accurately identifies fraudulent users and devices, with zero initial training. Use it to block access.

Device Fingerprinting

Advanced fingerprinting technology for both mobile and web that uniquely identifies devices and detects emulated and spoofed devices.

Behavioral Analytics

User activities are continuously analyzed for inconsistent and deviating behaviors, such as fast travel or access from unusual locations.

Bot Detection

Detect bots in real time with automation that both inspects mouse movements and keystrokes, as well as high-velocity patterns.

Link Analysis

See how users are connected through devices, IPs and other properties to discover multi-accounters, account takeover campaigns, or fraud rings.

Location Intelligence

Uncover the user's true location with geo data enrichment using GPS coordinates, mobile carrier, timezone settings, and more.


Block with confidence

Take a proactive and data-driven approach to fraud management. Develop policies based on Castle's scores and metrics, blend in any custom business logic, and then simulate using historical data. Deploy with confidence knowing you can quickly make adjustments without writing code.

Act on any data point

Create precise fraud policies based on intelligent data points like AI-based risk scores and device fingerprinting, as well as on your own custom data.

Inline, webhook, or Slack

Instruct your app to verify or block the user in real-time, or kick off operational workflows by subscribing to webhook or Slack notifications.

Data-driven decisions

Backtest policies on historical data before putting them live. Monitor and iterate until you've optimized the user experience.

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  • No credit card required
  • Analyzing over 50M users per month
  • GDPR & CCPA ready

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