Fight fraud faster

Get instant visibility into user activity through a quick Segment or JavaScript integration. Engineered for data-driven fraud teams. Trusted by developers.

Data-driven fraud teams rely on Castle

Blazing fast
fraud analytics

Get the same sophisticated data-digging as in your BI or logging tool to hone in on login attacks, registration spam campaigns, and suspicious transactions patterns.

  • Pass any unstructured data to Castle and query and visualize using an intuitive UI.
  • Every event is enriched with device fingerprinting, bot and abuse scores, and much more.
  • Everything you see in the dashboard can be queried via APIs.

Uncover and block fraud rings with ease

In just a few clicks, Castle reveals hidden links and helps you identify sophisticated fraud rings in real-time.

  • Use link analysis to find other users on the same device, IP, payment method, or any other property.
  • Visualize the complete timeline of your users, including updates, transactions, and every single screen they've visited.
  • Put large batches of entities into lists for automated blocking or escalated reviews.

Run velocity rules in real-time

Instant results lets you quickly find the most effective rules. Don't be limited to simple rule logic or delayed test reports.

  • Real-time evaluation of aggregations like number of users per device or failed logins per hour.
  • Block requests anywhere in your app without noticeable delays for the user.
  • Instant backtesting of custom logic allows you to experiment. No need to wait for queued up reports.

Robust device fingerprinting

Privacy plugin-proof fingerprinting on web and mobile

100+ device properties

Hardware specs, proxy, headless browser, incognito, emulator, jailbreak, and much more.

Bot and human behavior

Continuous analysis of mouse movements, keystrokes, taps, swipes, and app navigation.


Risk scores and signals

Out-of-the box enrichment of all user activity

Device fingerprinting

Peristent identifiers that survive storage resets.

Fraud scoring

Scores for account abuse and account takeover.

Bot detection

Scores for bot detection and headless browsers.

Behavioral signals

Impossible travel, anomalies, and location mismatches.

Proxy detection

Uncover proxies, VPNs, Tor, and datacenters.

Emulator detection

Detect emulator, simulators, and rooted devices.

Email quality

Disposable email domain, enumerated patterns.

Location quality

Abuse reports, carrier inconsistencies

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