Device Intelligence

Resilient device fingerprinting

Castle's device fingerprinting is engineered to circumvent ad blockers and privacy plugins. Up to 99.5% accuracy while maintaining a collision rate as low as 0.001%.

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99.5% accuracy

Pinpoint up to 99.5% of returning users, cookie-independent.

0.001% collision rate

Trustworthy fingerprints with industry-leading low collision.

Never blocked

Stealth mode defeats privacy plugins, ensuring 100% coverage.

Web and mobile

Seamless setup for browsers, iOS, and Android to track usage.

Fingerprinting optimized for account scenarios

Our fingerprinting technique is specifically fine-tuned for account abuse scenarios. While accuracy is vital for anonymous traffic assessment, reducing collisions is of utmost importance for account security. This guarantees that genuine users aren't mistakenly locked out and that alerts for any security breaches are sent to the rightful user.

  • Up to 99.5% accuracy
  • Ultra-low 0.0001% collision rate
  • Ad blockers won't obstruct any of our requests.

Real-time device intelligence via API

All the device data points collected can be used by the rules engine and the analytics suite. The response is returned from the backend SDK in 150 milliseconds, regardless of scale.

  • Returns device fingerprint, user agent, and more
  • Reveals IP geolocation, proxy, Tor, and datacenter status
  • Exposes carrier, uptime, incognito, adblocker, and more
  • Uncovers jailbroken, emulator, and headless

Detect bots and headless browsers

We perform a deep analysis of user interactions, like mouse movements, to differentiate between human and robot behaviors. Furthermore, browsers are scanned for signs of headless signatures or privacy plugins.

  • Receive a bot score ranging from 0-100
  • Detect headless browser usage
  • Analyze mouse and keyboard interactions
  • Identify repetitive navigation patterns