Full insight into your users behavior

Gain full visibility and control over all your users, their behavior and devices. By learning what’s normal for your app and your users, Castle will uniquely identify discreet anomalies and build a scalable profile for each user.

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Detailed user searchability

Filter users based on number of owned devices, risk score, known junk email addresses, last seen and more. Castle provides flexibile search across all of your users.

Tailored profiles for each user

Castle builds a unique profile for each and every user by uniquely identifying patterns of normal user behavior and devices associated in order to assess anomalies and risky behavior.

See all user devices

Track and evaluate every device that accesses a user's account. You can simply identify and block the bad devices, without adding any friction for users on their real ones.

Track all user events

Search events on IP, user agent, location and any signals beyond just login. You can visualize and secure any critical event, from registration to profile updates, transactions and more.

User Behavior Analytics

Recognize and protect ordinary user behavior

Castle builds baseline patterns of behavioral norms for each individual user. Whether it’s a large scale, automated Account Takeover attack, or a one-off victim of a phishing scam, Castle will detect any new anomalies within the account.

Individually assessed device risk scores

Each device is scored individually, so you can apply friction to the threats, without impacting your good users on their normal devices.

Protect accounts with confidence

Deny attacks outright without worrying about false-positives. From attack detection to account recovery, keep your users safe by triggering automated security workflows.

Device Management

Manage user devices
with simplicity and ease

Castle's Device Fingerprinting for web, mobile, and APIs identifies each device with high fidelity, so they can be managed with accuracy. Block or allow any specific device on a given account or even offload this work to your end-users, allowing them to manage their own accounts and conduct their own proactive security reviews.

Remember all devices

Castle remembers every device on a user’s account - no checkbox needed. So you can relax on the MFA while keeping you users safe and costs down.

Scale user security

When users self-report suspicious activity, Castle instantly secures them. With device targeting, there's no need to lockdown the entire account.

Device management APIs

Build a Castle-powered widget into your own SecOps / Support hub. Or build a view for users right into their own account security settings.

Track intrusion spikes

For ambitious companies around the world, Castle makes security as simple, borderless, and programmable as the rest of the internet.

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